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Save Money With Proper Electrical Work and Upgrades

Instead of spending time trying to "DIY" your electrical work, save time and money by leaving it to the professional electrician at John Julius Electric, Inc in Deer Park, New York. Home and business owners alike rely on us to provide the know-how for anything that has to do with electricity. Our team can troubleshoot and repair a variety of electrical problems for everything from pools to houses and buildings.

Electrical Work

Protect yourself and your property by having a professional manage your electrical work. This will not only save you money from costly repairs down the road, but it can help you should damage actually occur. For example, if an electrical fire occurs after a licensed and insured electrician comes in, then everything is taken care of; insurance will not cover any repairs if they are not completed by a licensed electrician. Prevent electrical hazards with our help. We sell all of the products to be installed and repaired. Come to us if you need help with anything to do with electricity, including:

• LED Replacement
• Changing Panels
• Working On Backup Generators
• Installing Electrical Panels
• Installing and Servicing Outdoor Lighting
Person Working on an Electrical Panel

Service Upgrades

Get more out of your electricity for your home or building with our 20 amp and 200 amp upgrades. These upgrades use energy more efficiently, which means lower energy bills for you.

Emergency Services

Sparks can fly at any time, and when they do, don't leave it up to chance. Call John Julius Electric, Inc right away. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

Service Rates

Customer satisfaction and safety are our priorities, which is why we do what we can within your budget. You'll find that our prices are competitive.